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Event Details

Sacramento Business Expo
Sacramento Convention Center

Exhibit Hall B
1400 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


News 10 abc appearance with Tighe Hamman of Windsor Healthcare (Title Sponsor) and Host, Dante Louis.

News 10 abc appearance with Grace Bagaybagayan of Roseville Point (Title Sponsor) and Host, Dante Louis.

News 10 abc appearance with Janet Biedron of VIbra Healthcare (Title Sponsor) and Host, Dante Louis.

Come enjoy a red carpet event! The Sacramento Business Expo will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center. The mission of the Sacramento Business Expo is to showcase the many different business products and services that exist in the community and create the ideal platform to allow professionals of different expertise and backgrounds to connect with one another and build real lasting relationships in a social and engaging environment.

Attendees can explore new products and services in a hands-on environment, enhance relationships with service providers/suppliers, mingle with peers, network with professionals from different industries and learn about different business trends. Get new ideas, meet new people and form new relationships. These are just some of the many reasons you should attend this truly one of a kind event. 


Some of the industry classifications include education/training, financial services, health & wellness, insurance, law, marketing, non-profits, recruiting, software/IT and many more.

This event is open to the general public and admission is FREE. Professionals of all trades are welcome to attend. "This event promises to be dynamic, engaging informative, fun, and educational. It's a perfect blend of business and pleasure and appeals to a diverse audience.” Louis said.


SAC Business Expo